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I’ve been wondering how and when Halloween turned into the idol that it is nowadays!!!!

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I’ve been wondering how and when Halloween turned into the idol that it is nowadays!!!!

Do any of you know?!?!

Well, I tried to search for it Online.

I went to Wikipedia address below:


So, Now, my perspective on all of the above stuff:

You know due to reasons like the fact that there are attorneys in this world & they like to start lawsuits for copyright infringements, we had to shorten the parts we copied & pasted to this Blog!

According to what I could figure-out from pages & pages of many different peoples’ contributions to that article, it all started by some churches around the world who seemingly wanted to keep people busy and scared of dead people, so they’d go to church more often!!!!!!

Did you know that according to Wikipedia: “According to B.I.G. research conducted a survey for the National Retail Federation in the United States and found that 53.3% of consumers planned to buy a costume for Halloween 2005, spending $38.11 on average (up 10 dollars from the year before). They were also expected to spend $4.96 billion in 2006, up significantly from just $3.3 billion the previous year”?

So, whose fault is it, anyways?!?!?!

Who exactly made it the idol with the worldwide following that it is nowadays??!!?

Who knows!

BUT, all I know is that the farmers who grow the pumpkins, the wholesalers, the distributors, truck-drivers who bring these useless pumpkins to our cities and the supermarkets, the guys with EMPTY lots who get to fill their lots, a couple of times a year for the 2 parts of the year on Halloween and for the useless green trees in about a month to month & half from now, to the so-on & so-on & so-on who get to make money off of us!

Let’s NOT forget about the costume related people, to the party-makers, alcoholic beverage makers, bars, restaurants, party-planners, …..and so-on!


Does that justify that we are feeding an idol?!?!


BUT, it is a great business, though for all of them!

Also, some of those attorneys like to start lawsuits for those who mock their clients like when Oprah just went-off on those meat-producers of America or some group like that!

(NOT that we want Oprah’s attorneys to contact us, either!)

Now that I think of it, perhaps, I should come-up with my own idol that makes Zillions & Zillions of Dollars or ECU’s!

So, with all the people involved with all of the above and many other industries we forgot to mention who MUST have their own attorneys, just waiting for someone to offend their clients, so that they could just etc…..

Those attorneys, MUST have their own attorneys waiting to start class-action lawsuits on-behalf of their clients….

Which leads me to another point, now that I landed so far from where I originally took-off from!

So, Who made lawsuits their own idols we so faithfully worhip??!!??

Well, that’s its own topic of discussion for another time, BUT, I forgot to do all the things I had to do, as I have run out of time!

Until next time!


*** We WANT Moshiach, Now!!! ***

By the way, You, too, can help hasten the coming of Moshiach by doing ONE more Mitzvah.

*** We WANT Moshiach, Now!!! ***


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Computers, Cell-phones & Travel deals!!!

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Every now and then, for the holidays, they have different promotions.

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Sometimes, the promotion is Free phone and sometimes you net about $20 to $79 in your pocket OR sometimes when there is NO promotion, you may need to pay something for some phones.

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*** We WANT Moshiach, Now!!! ***

By the way, You, too, can help hasten the coming of Moshiach by doing ONE more Mitzvah.

*** We WANT Moshiach, Now!!! ***

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