Rabbi Marvin Hier Calls Upon World to Confront Islamic terror after Attack at Chabad Mumbai

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Rabbi Marvin Hier Calls Upon World to Confront Islamic terror after Attack at Chabad Mumbai



Among with other pure souls whose names are as follows were murdered, Hashem Yikom Damam (May G-d, A-l-mighty, avenge the bloods of those holy individuals!!!):


·       Rabbi Gavirel and his wife Rivkah Holtzberg, the Shluchim who ran the Chabad House


·       Rabbi Aryeh Leibush Teitelbaum who was the son of the Volover Rebbe of America and was a dominant figure in the Volover Rebbe’s kashrus organization, one known for its pristine standard (he was there to help with Kosher-Supervision)


·       Mrs.  Norma Schwartzberg Rabinowitz  who was planning to make Aliyah to Israe-l, on Monday


·       Mrs.  Yochved Orpaz who traveled to visit her daughter Ayala and her two grandchildren


·       Rabbi Ben Tzion Korman (or spelled at other places as: Chroman), HY”D who was a Mashgiach (he was there to help with Kosher-Supervision as a Kosher-Superviser) for the Volover Rebbe of Boro Park Shlita. He is survived by a wife and three children, with the oldest being 3.5 and the youngest 3 months.




Boruch Dayan Hoemes!!!



The correct greeting to comfort the mourners is: ‘Hamakom Yenachem Es-khem Besokh She-‘ar Avelei Tzion Virushalayim’ which means: ‘May the G-d, A-l-mighty, comfort among mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim!!!


Today, Rabbi Mavin Hier of Simon Wiesenthal Center speaks today regarding the tragic brutal and barbaric MURDER of the many people INNOCENT at the following address:







“… To the Terrorists: That 1 Cruz of light that eminated from that Chabad-House in Mumbai, has contributed more to humanity than your idealogy & your WHOLE way of life!  And the Jewish people whom you seek to destroy, Will STILL be here, LONG AFTER, You & Your Haters, have been deposited in the DUST-BINS of History, WHERE you BELONG!!!



Therefore, we say:


To Our dearest friends & family and the rest of the world:  “Know that those INNOCENT, PURE and HOLY Jewish Souls, Hashem Yikom Damam (May G-d, A-l-mighty, avenge the bloods of those holy individuals!!!) who were murdered for their Self-LESS acts of kindness, humanity and SELF-Sacrifice by those Lehavdil Elef-Havdalos, murderers shall NEVER BE Forgotten!!!!!!!”



“Hashem! Ad-Mosai???   (Until when?!?!?!  How much-MORE MUST we endure?!?!?!)”



“We WANT Moshiach, NOW!!!”




We are grateful to the G-d, A-l-mighty, by Divine Providence, made such a GREAT Miracle and that their baby son who has NOT even become 3 was saved by the maid and the cook, as they slipped-out of the building!!!







There has been a Fund set-up by different organizations and individuals, so, if you’d like to contribute to this Jewish community relief fund, click here.”







According to CNN, and CNN-IBN, the following phone numbers have been released for more information:


International hot lines


Mumbai: JJ Hospital, 91 22 2373-5555; Mumbai: St. George Hospital, 91 98 6905-0622; Mumbai: Police control room, 91 22 2262-5020, 91 22 2262-1855; New Delhi: Indian External Affairs Ministry: +91-11-23015300

Australia: Department of Foreign Affairs offers these numbers: In Australia: 1-800-002 214. Australians overseas, call 61 2 6261-3305.

UK: The British Ministry of Foreign Affairs is directing concerned UK nationals to call 44 (0)20 7008-0000

U.S.: The State Department has established a Consular Call Center: The number is 888-407-4747.

For Canadians in India call 1-800-387-3124. In Canada call 613-996-8885.








May Hashem answer our prayers and we will share good news of the Revelation of Moshiach Tzidkkeinu (who is NOT YeSH”U since he is NOT from the Davidic Dynasty and also since he was a FALSE Prophet).

















*** We WANT Moshiach, Now!!! ***

By the way, You, too, can help hasten the coming of Moshiach, by doing ONE more Mitzvah.

*** We WANT Moshiach, Now!!! ***










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