Please STAY tuned…Some update will IY”H, G-d willing be posted!!!

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Boruch Dayan Hoemes!!!




May G-d, A-l-mighty, avenge the bloods of those holy individuals!!!





Please STAY tuned…Some update will IY”H, G-d willing be posted!!!


There’s un-fortunately so-much information to go-through and we are going-through them and trying to see what is appropriate to post, what is to brutal to post, what is too-heart-wrenching and what ….etc.


For NOW, we’d like to say a little:






As Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky said in his comments in the press conference (we are paraphrasing a small part of his comments at this time, the full report may be found at :


“…The correct greeting to comfort the mourners is: ‘Hamakom Yenachem Es-khem Besokh She-‘ar Avelei Tzion Virushalayim’ which means: ‘May the G-d, A-l-mighty, comfort among mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim!!!’…”



There has been a Fund set-up by different organizations and individuals, so, if you’d like to contribute to this Jewish community relief fund, click here.”







According to CNN, and CNN-IBN, the following phone numbers have been released for more information:


International hot lines

India: Mumbai: JJ Hospital, 91 22 2373-5555; Mumbai: St. George Hospital, 91 98 6905-0622; Mumbai: Police control room, 91 22 2262-5020, 91 22 2262-1855; New Delhi: Indian External Affairs Ministry: +91-11-23015300

Australia: Department of Foreign Affairs offers these numbers: In Australia: 1-800-002 214. Australians overseas, call 61 2 6261-3305.

UK: The British Ministry of Foreign Affairs is directing concerned UK nationals to call 44 (0)20 7008-0000

U.S.: The State Department has established a Consular Call Center: The number is 888-407-4747.

For Canadians in India call 1-800-387-3124. In Canada call 613-996-8885.







While we wish it wasn’t true, at times like this, it is too difficult to convey emotions in words!!!


While we are saddened by the tragedy of these brutal murderers, we MUST stand strong and say:


“Hashem! Ad-Mosai???         We WANT Moshiach, NOW!!!”


It is a Miracle and by Divine Providence that their baby son who has NOT even become 3 was saved by the maid and the cook as they slipped-out of the building!!!










There have been some more names that we found, among the countless, other precious Jewish souls whose whereabouts are still unknown…


We ask that you continue your efforts of prayers for them and we ask you that you would Please say Tehillim (Psalm) Chapter 20 for (the English translation is on the bottom):


We still urge, EVRYONE to say Tehillim for the rest of the Jewish people finding themselves in the area which G-d forbid, may still, Rachamana Litzlan be in the harm’s way in other places in the world:















Therefore, we are, again, posting the Tehillim as follows:







The English translated text is as follows (We thank for this text):


1. For the conductor, a song of David.





2. May the L-o-rd answer you on a day of distress; may the name of the G-o-d of Jacob fortify you.






3. May He send your aid from His sanctuary, and may He support you from Zion.






4. May He remember all your meal offerings and may He accept your fat burnt offerings forever.





5. May He give you as your heart [desires], and may He fulfill all your counsel.






6. Let us sing praises for your salvation, and let us assemble in the name of our G-o-d; may the L-o-rd fulfill all your requests.





7. Now I know that the L-o-rd saved His anointed; He answered him from His holy heavens; with the mighty acts of salvation from His right hand.





8. These trust in chariots and these in horses, but we-we mention the name of the L-o-rd our G-o-d.






9. They kneel and fall, but we rise and gain strength.







10. O L-o-rd, save [us]; may the King answer us on the day we call.





Mumbai’s Chabad House, situated near the sites of destruction, is a popular stop for Israeli tourists. The Holtzbergs offer a host of programs, including providing kosher food, to locals and visitors alike.



We hope and pray that we will hear good news very soon.

May Hashem answer our prayers and I will share good news when I have it.















*** We WANT Moshiach, Now!!! ***

By the way, You, too, can help hasten the coming of Moshiach, by doing ONE more Mitzvah.

*** We WANT Moshiach, Now!!! ***









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